Business Law

Over the past decade, nearly all businesses have been forced to consider new ways to maximize value.  Excellent, sophisticated and inspired business law serves not just to protect people and companies, but also to create and protect success in ways companies had not yet imagined.   Innovation and imagination are at the heart of our practice, and our focus is on long-term value creation in addition to effectively solving the short term, real world problems our clients face every day.

Whether marketing a billion dollar international entertainment organization, developing a groundbreaking new information-technology or renewable energy start-up, developing and documenting smart and farsighted real estate investment partnerships, structuring creative workouts of distressed companies, or simply guiding our clients and their businesses through, over, and around the diverse obstacles they face every day — and ensuring that effective planning, structuring, and documentation protect their interests and advance their goals in the future — our goal is and always remains to evaluate each of our business clients’ unique needs, desires and opportunities, and to identify and implement real-world solutions that work with creativity, foresight, and a genuine desire to see them reach their fullest potential.